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Managing Sustainable Transitions

Converging Crises in Agriculture

The ecological footprint of agriculture-based livelihoods is increasingly forcing us to rethink the future of farming with abysmal levels of soil organic matter, exploitation of groundwater, low nutritional levels of food despite increased productivity, rapid loss of biodiversity and the ever-increasing costs of fossil fuel-based agrochemical inputs in sustaining farming today.

Agroecology, a newer paradigm that recognizes the interdependence of livelihoods, technology and ecology, presents an alternative socio-technical pathway for a sustainable transition. We seek to understand the opportunities and challenges for alternative pathways through research and documentation and facilitate knowledge dialogues that can foster a learning alliance for multiple stakeholders to think, act and co-create futures.

Enabling a Supportive Ecosystem 

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Rethinking Agricultural Knowledge

We analyse innovations in agricultural knowledge through detailed studies of promising intiatives within the country

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Capturing Sustainability Transitions

We undertake independent research in the form of surveys and mixed-methods approaches to understand ground realities pertaining to the uptake and practice of agroecological practices.  

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