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Small Farm Incomes : Civic action, Equity, Sustainability

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Farming futures in a climate stressed world necessitates newer thinking on resource conserving sustainable agricultural techniques. Small and marginal farmers empowered through collective institutions that together can lead to both food and nutrition security and enhanced farm incomes.


The living farm incomes idea and project seeks to further civic action for inclusive agricultural policies through research and policy dialogues on sustainability and equity. This research project led by the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) collaborates with Civil Society Organisations and coalitions working on sustainable agriculture in India to co-create newer knowledge on agroecology and agricultural policy.
We do this through:

  • Developing research programmes and collaborative studies with knowledge partners that explores gaps in existing policies and presents alternative agroecological approaches.

  • Facilitating and creating opportunities for young people to work with civil society organisations (CSOs) through short duration internships.

  • Exploring alternative institutional mechanisms of small farmers, such as Farmer Producer Organisations, and their visions for the future to enhance farm income in a sustainable manner.

Some of the action research questions that motivate us are: What kind of policies can mutually benefit marginal farmers and the ecosystem? How do innovations occur at the margins and how can relevant ecosystems be designed to promote sustainable and profitable farming practices? 

Towards inclusive agricultural policies linking civic action, sustainability and equity

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