Issues in Policy implementation: Insights from an E-survey on Operational Guidelines on 10000 FPOs

This paper highlights an innovation of a recent key policy document in Indian agriculture- the operational guidelines for promoting 10,000 Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) by 2024. Key stakeholders, representatives from FPOs and their federations, sponsoring and training organisations, donors and other ecosystem players with substantial experience working with FPOs were invited to participate and express their views on the policy document through a detailed e-survey in July 2020.

C.Shambu Prasad, Deborah Dutta and Vandana Ravichandran

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Farming as an enterprise- Ten years of FPO movement in India

A recent overview of the FPO ecosystem written by Prof. Shambu Prasad, who has been part of national level policy dialogues to enable effective policies to strengthen FPOs. This is a chapter from the State of India's Livelihoods 2019 Report.

C.Shambu Prasad

Farming Futures: An annotated bibliography on Farmer Producer Organisations in India

Academic research on FPOs is growing but scattered with significant knowledge in ‘grey’ literature produced by practitioners. This annotated bibliography seeks to fill the gap by providing a useful collation of all published material on FPOs in India. The bibliography draws from a research study that sourced literature from research databases through systematic search and other sources via snowballing to produce a knowledge resource that covers the time period between 2003 and 2019.

Gautham Prateek & C.Shambu Prasad

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Urban farming initiatives

Urban spaces need to radically rethink their relationship with food in terms of production and consumption as climate change, land degradation due to industrialised farming present a serious challenge to food security. Community-based urban farming initiatives are proving to be an effective way to create sensitivity, critical awareness and connection with the land, farmers and ecosystems.

Deborah Dutta

Dharani: Nurturing the earth, fostering farmers' livelihoods

This case study won the first prize in the Oikos Case Writing Competition 2017. It was written by Joseph Satish V (University of Hyderabad, India) and C Shambu Prasad (Institute of Rural Management Anand, India). It discusses how Dharani, (a part of Timbatku collective) not only developed external markets for small farmers' organic produce but also articulated an ethical model of local production, distribution and consumption.

Joseph Satish V and C.Shambu Prasad

Innovating at the margins: The System of Rice Intensification in India and transformative social innovation

Explores social innovation in agriculture through a particular case of agroecological innovation, the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in India. Insights from social innovation theory that emphasize the roles of social movements and the re-engagement of vulnerable populations in societal transformation can help reinstate the missing “social” dimension in current discourses on innovation in India.

C.Shambu Prasad