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Workshop on Rural Transformation through Agroecology

The SFI team is committed to the cause of promoting sustainable transformations in the sphere of agriculture. This workshop, held in collaboration with National Coalition for Natural Farming (NCNF) on 27th November 2021 at IRMA, allowed us to interact with and learn from several other individuals and organizations who are working in the area of sustainable farming.

Agenda for the workshop

In conversation with Dr Rajinder Choudhary

The session began with Kavitha Kuruganti interviewing Dr Rajinder Choudhary regarding his experience of promoting organic farming in Haryana, the heartland of the green revolution solely through voluntary networks. His reflections helped participants understand that large-scale funding is not always a prerequisite for sustained transformation.

Experience Sharing 

Representatives from various states shared their experiences and initiatives undertaken by different organisations. The discussions brought to fore the diversity of practices involved in agroecology. The presentations were followed by comments by Mr. T Vijaykumar, who urged participants to work towards articulating common principles and building strong coalitions.

Purshottam Dhakar

Madhya Pradesh

Sukhdev Vishwapremi

Himachal Pradesh

Bhogtoram Mawroh


Manash Jyoti Rabha


Aditya Min


Rohit Parakh


Swati Renduchintala

Andhra Pradesh

Efforts made by GIZ towards promoting agroecology

Ashirbad Das described how GIZ is trying to create a form of platform for cross-learning on this issue, and is planning to mobilize support from state governments to leverage their efforts towards creating sustainable transitions

Natural Farming initiative in Andhra Pradesh - An interaction with students

Mr Vijaykumar Thallam shares his experiences of steering the Andhra Pradesh Community managed Natural Farming initiative with IRMA students as part of the Kurien centenary celebrations. Vijay Thallam is Executive Vice Chairman of the Indian non-profit Rythu Sadhikara Samstha, which focuses on organic agriculture; and an advisor on agriculture and cooperation to the state Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Focus on Gujarat

The SFI team has been associated with the Gujarat, NCNF proceedings from the very beginning, and is looking forward to facilitate state-level dialogues across different stakeholders. In that respect, a panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Kapil Shah, who is a veteran activist, along with other major stakeholders like Ms Shilpa Vasvada from WGWLO, Mr Premesh Balan from Sajatta Sangh, Mr Mk. Kureshi from GOPCA, and Dr Kandarp Mevada from Gujarat Organic Agriculture University.

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