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Prof. Shambu Prasad is a  Professor of Strategic Management and Social Sciences at IRMA. His expertise and research straddle several interdisciplinary fields such as science and technology studies, rural livelihoods, social entrepreneurship and innovations, sustainable agriculture and managing collectives enterprises. 

Project Coordinator and Professor,  IRMA



Abhishek Saxena is a Research Fellow in the project and also pursuing his doctoral research at IRMA. His wider interest lies in social entrepreneurship, grassroots innovations in agriculture, health and education domains, governance of people’s institutions, research and science communication and anthropological and participatory action research in health, food, and education. He loves traveling, photography, reading and cooking.

Abhishek Saxena

Aneesh works as a Research Associate in the project. He is an India Fellow of the Cohort of 2020. He is a graduate in Biotechnology from Indraprastha University, Delhi. He is interested in developing intersectionality as a construct for society, with a focus on inclusive policy, sustainability and healthcare. 

Aneesh Mohan

Shubha Khadke is a Programme & Outreach Consultant. She is a development professional having more than 18 years of experience across strategic designing, implementing and strengthening various development programs on farm and non-farm based livelihoods.   She has worked with several civil society organizations in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Her interest areas include rural livelihoods including promoting and developing women-centric community institutions, Bottom of Pyramid Enterprises focusing on agriculture and allied sub sectors.

Shubha Khadke

Deborah Dutta is a Research and Documentation Consultant in the Living Farm Incomes project. Deborah Dutta holds a PhD from the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.  She is deeply interested in the interplay between educational processes, sustainable practices and socio-technical systems. Her interests include blogging and drawing comics. 

Dr. Deborah Dutta
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