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National Workshop on Reimagining Farmer Producer Collectives across India

As part of the Verghese Kurien Centenary celebration, the workshop, organised on 25th November 2021 at IRMA,  brought together practitioners, academics and policy makers to share their views on the management, governance, financial support and capacity building aspects of Farmer Producer Collectives. The need for newer institutional arrangements, a strong incubation phase and managerial support was discussed as part of the workshop dialogues.

Agenda for the workshop

Plenary session

Dr. Umakant Dash

Director, IRMA

Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Nadendla

Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, GoI

C S Reddy


Nagendra Nath Sinha

Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, GoI

Yogesh Dwivedi


Sanjeev Kumar Chadha

Managing Director, NAFED

Yogesh Thorat


Sridhar Easwaran

Senior VP - FPOs, Samunnati

Keynote address

Dr. G R Chintala

Chairman, NABARD

There are close to 140 million agricultural producers. But no one  knows where the value is added, how the value is added, and who is knocking off the profit.... This is where the FPO revolution comes in.

Authors' workshop

The second part of the workshop was meant for primarily carrying out discussions around the findings of case authors who have been studying 17 FPOs across the country. These cases are slated for release as an edited book volume in 2022. The case writers also got the opportunity to interview the CEOs of FPC federations (Kuldeep Solanki, Yogesh Dwivedi and Yogesh Thorat) to gain a better understanding of the challenges and ground-level realities of managing farmer-led organisations. The session was also attended by field experts, scholars and experienced development consultants like Dr. Dinesh Awasthi, VC, Lok Jagriti University, Mr. Emmanuel Murray, senior adviser, Caspian Investment and Mr. Shirish Joshi, Independent Consultant

Shirish Joshi 

Independent Consultant

Emmanuel Murray

Senior Adviser, Caspian Investment

Interviews of the CEOs of FPC federations

Kuldeep Solanki

CEO, Gujpro

Yogesh Thorat


Yogesh Dwivedi


Authors' experience sharing : Fields of Change

A compendium of blogs titled Fields of Change based on FPO field visits was released during the Verhese Kurien Mahotsav. This compendium brings together 33 academics and collaborators to understand the FPO ecosystem of  in detail. A few case authors share their experience of working on the project.

Dr. Deborah Dutta

Senior Research Fellow - Living Farm Incomes 

Abhishek Saxena

FPM(RM) Scholar, IRMA

Pallavi GL

FPM(RM) Scholar, IRMA

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