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Our Internship program links students with organisations to work on projects related to sustainability, FPOs, small and marginal farmers and agri-policies. Please fill the form below to apply for available internships.

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If you are currently enrolled in any fellowship, Please mention the details ((Write NA if not applicable):


Please indulge in some introspection and write these responses. We appreciate applicants taking the time to fill the form, and go through each response carefully.

Tell us a bit about yourself, why do you want to do this internship? *

What are some skills you possess that would contribute to your internship experience?

Do you have prior experience of interning with civil society organisations?
(If yes, briefly describe the work in less than 200 words)

What are your expectations from this internship programme?

What are your long-term academic or professional interests?

Please select the title of internship based on the order of your preference (Please go through all the internship options available on our internships page):

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Are you open to take up other internship options in case your preferred options are not available? 

Are you willing to work in remote locations based on the requirements of the organisation? *
(If required, keeping in mind the COVID situation)

How did you come to know about this internship programme?

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